Chapter 1, page 1.

While growing up in central Baltimore, Olivia Brown loved adventure. But she never imagined what might happen next. The striking youngster lived with her mother Claire, and older brother David, in a small brick row house. It was in this house where one typical morning, Olivia, stretching while she yawned, woke up to sunlight streaming through her window. She twisted her two curly pigtails as she glanced in the dresser mirror. She had pretty brown eyes, and her ivory smile contrasted sharply against her ebony skin.
Olivia looked forward to the beautiful Saturday morning as she got out of bed. But she had no idea she was about to experience a day that would change her life.

Chapter 10, page 87.

The door opened to apartment number seven. Olivia's eyes were as wide as silver dollars.
Who was on the other side? Mora and Miya were also filled with suspense. An elderly,gray-haired African American woman poked her head out from behind the apartment door. She appeared to be close to eighty years old, and had a striking, radiant smile.

Chapter 6, page 52.

Olivia and her friends crossed Pratt Street to Monument Street. They passed a Seventy-Seven store and a Radio Shop on the corner of North Calvert and East Chase. There was no one outside walking or driving. The only creatures occupying the streets were the war cicadas.