Cicadas Wings of War and Peace
The Seventeen Year Reign

A Letter To My Readers:

In my book Cicadas Wings of War and Peace, the importance of approaching life's challenges is shown to be essential. The main character seven year old Olivia, a lovable, joyful girl, has a healthy imagination. Her first encounter with her cicada friends is met without prejudice. She does not surrender to the fears that paralyze her mother and other adults when they encounter the insects.

Throughout the story, Olivia demonstrates age-appropriate independence. She has the ablilty to make decisions and take action when needed. Olivia also gathers new friends, Miya, Mora, and Ms. Edna to assist her. Her friends help her accomplish things that she is not able to do alone. When things get tough, Olivia and her friends learn to use the power of prayer. Faith in a Supreme Being gives them guidance to find resolutions to multiple problems.

Ultimately Olivia comes to a full understanding of faith and love. Her growth promotes a strong central character who triumphs over adversity in the narrative.

God bless... Enjoy.

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